Sweet Tea Sundays: 7 July, 2019

Sweet Tea Sundays: 7 July, 2019

It’s the middle of summer, it’s hot as hell, and I just really need a cool drink, y’all. It could be worse though: I just dropped my husband off at the airport and he’s making his way to Cuba now. As jealous as I am, I couldn’t get the time off work (or stand the heat… but that’s beside the point) to join him. Fortunately I’ve been able to experience the small island country that his family hails from, and I’ve written about that experience here.

To beat the heat, I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors, baking up a storm, preparing for a new post series (that I’m so excited to reveal to you all!), and reading and listening to all things food. I’ve compiled here some of the best things I’ve experienced this week. Have a happy and relaxing Sunday, and may your sweet tea always be cold and never watered down!

What I’m Reading:

I love when I find connections between things that I enjoy, and I’ve been really into a Netflix series called Street Food. One of the subjects, Jay Fai, was recently featured in an NPR story. The 74-year-old Bangkok vendor will inspire you to do what you love and be the best at it!

Also from NPR comes a story about La Cocina, a business incubator in San Francisco that helps low-income women (many of them immigrants) start their businesses. The story is also told in an episode of the Good Food podcast here.

Blogs I Love:

I’ve always been curious about the taste of rhubarb, and I might just have to try i am baker’s recipe for rhubarb crisp.

The Probably This boys started putting their weekly newsletter on their blog as a blog post, and last week’s had some good content. Mostly it made me clutch my pearls at the state of the environment, but I still recommend you take this climate quiz and see how much you know.

I’ve wanted to try clafoutis since I saw it in a cookbook a while back – plus it’s so fun to say! It’s traditionally done with cherries, but Honestly Yum has a peach version that looks perfect for summertime.

What I’m Listening To:

Aside from the Good Food podcast I linked above, I’ve been obsessed with the Savor podcast. With over 200 episodes, I’ve got plenty to keep me entertained! They go into everything from how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie to how the heck an animatronic mouse and a pizza buffet combined to become a favorite destination for childhood birthday parties (the history of Chuck E. Cheese).

Norwegian artist Aurora released an album in June that I can’t get enough of. I love every single song and it has reignited my passion for environmental issues. I recommend it if you like alternative pop!

This is the summer of Norwegian pop for me because I’m also obsessed with Sigrid’s Mine Right Now. AND for good measure, Keiino, Norway’s entry into Eurovision this year, released their first post-contest song. It’s a certified bop, check it out here!

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