Sweet Tea Sundays: 7 April, 2019

Sweet Tea Sundays: 7 April, 2019

I don’t know about y’all, but where I live it’s SPRING. Finally! Warmer weather, greenery, and… rain. A lot of rain. But whether there’s rain or shine in your neck of the woods, I think we can all agree that this is the perfect time to cozy up on your favorite place with a glass of sweet tea and have some time to yourself. Whether you’re taking in some sunshine on your front porch or listening to an April shower outside the window in your favorite reading chair, I hope you enjoy some of the links below!

In food news:

NPR did a story focused on a local Louisville dive bar, about how our favorite hangouts can give us intense nostalgia even years after they are gone.

It turns out corn production may be worse for air quality than you might realize.

Blogs I’m loving:

It’s not too late to grab some spring asparagus and roast it for dinner!

My favorite designer Emily Henderson has some great ideas to get your front door ready for spring – perfect for getting ready to host Easter lunch!

What I’m listening to:

Eurovision season is in full swing! Check out my 2019 playlist of the songs participating in this year’s contest in May (and learn more about Eurovision in my post about Portugal).

I’m SO here for the comeback of the Jonas Brothers, and the new song that dropped Friday gives me the perfect summer vibes. The video is cute too, despite Joe’s… choices in the facial hair department.

Around town:

If you love food and love gardening, consider getting involved with The Food Literacy Project this spring!

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